PS4 handle Bluetooth keyboard

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1. Use the handle keyboard to conveniently conduct voice chat and SMS communication with friends.
2, easy to use, the keyboard is very convenient to use in the embedded handle, and does not affect the operation and aesthetics of the handle.
3, use the exclusive button to enter a variety of letters and characters, very easy to pass PS4 text chat, Internet and so on.
4, PS4 original handles installed on the keyboard kit will not destroy the original style of the handle - PS4 chat keypad will be perfectly integrated with the PS4 controller handle.

Electrical parameters:
1. Working voltage: DC: 3.7V
2. Working current: ≤50MA
3. Static current: ≤1mA
4. Bluetooth distance: 8-10 meters
5. Bluetooth version: V3.0
6. Battery: polymer lithium battery 200MA/H
7, built-in speaker: 8 Euro 0.5W
8, charging current voltage: 130MA/5V
Product maintenance and precautions:
1. After the PS4 host and the handle keyboard are both turned on and paired, the keypad can realize the function.
2. Please strike or beat this product in a hurry.
3. Do not allow liquid or small metal to enter the product.

4. Do not use or store this product in a hot or humid environment.